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Our Story

In the early Fall of 2014 David and Eric identified the void in the social networking space for sports.  SportsFYLE and the new word ‘FYLE’ were born. Social and Business networks exist for social and professional interests; however, there were no social network sites focused solely on sports.


We Are Focused

With your support we will be on our way to build these engaging new sports communities.  Please share our idea and become part of our story.  Our brand is your brand – Your ‘FYLE’ is your online sports profile.  Your virtual sports history scrapbook.

Please Join Us!

Our passion and support for our concept is a result of being part of athletics our whole lives.  As organizers we want to provide an outlet for people away from the game.  We think it is time to build a league of new focused sports communities.


Sky's the Limit

One Sports Community

at a time…


Paving the Way

We already have professional profiles & social profiles but where do we put our sports profiles?  David and Eric believe that it is time for all players in sports to have their own focused Communities. A place to share your sports story.


September 2014

The early days of brand building and idea generation. We liked the name, so we needed to refine our logo and put together a strategic plan that could be executed. We went through many iterations of design while honing our mission.

Officialy Registered Company

We decided our idea was good enough to pursue, so we made it official. From a back of the napkin agreement to registering our company. We also filed for a trademark for the word FYLE – an online profile.

Testing and Development

Time to get to work. We tested and reviewed several open source platforms. We decided to launch HockeyFYLE on one of the platforms to get our feet wet.

Beta Community

HockeyFYLE launched in early 2015 and has been tested with family and friends. With members giving feedback and garnering thousands of page views, we knew we needed additional resources to take it to the next level for our communities to thrive.

Call to Action

Just having an idea and a logo is not good enough. “Connect Your Game” quickly answers the question of why you need to have a place in this digital world away from the game. #connectyourgame #sportsfyle

Now and the Future

With a solid idea and a ton of enthusiasm to share, SportFYLE is ready to test the market to see how we can enhance the sporting experience for the world!
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